70 sportsmen have taken part in the championship from 5 countries CIS, from them – 17 masters of sports, 5 masters of the international class and 19 candidates for the master of sports.


Competitions have passed without traumas, without protests, without infringements of the rules.

For the first time the championship of the CIS was served with the international judiciary board from Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Judges have been prepared at summer seminars in Baku, Karaganda and Kislovodsk.


The championship has caused huge interest in spectators. When still the palace of sports of the center of preparation of army sportsmen did not see such quantity of spectators. The hall was filled, people stood so densely, that it was impossible to pass. Spectators a dense ring surrounded a protection of a carpet, sat on basketball boards, pipes of heating, a handrail.

And sportsmen have justified their expectations. Two days the hall blew up an applause and deafening shouts in support of fighters. Magnificent duels followed one by one. About 20 % of preschedule victories, painful receptions, knockouts, fantastic technics and will of fighters whom could not leave indifferent. It is necessary to note and the high organization of the championship, fine registration of a hall, magnificent prizes.


Opinion of the deputy minister of internal affairs, chairman of a sports society of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan, the deserved trainer of the USSR, the world champion and Europe, the deserved master of sports, the colonel – Rafika Gadzhieva:


The level of the done organizational work in the championship answers the highest standards. I did not see that similar at competitions on karate, to a kickboxing or taekvondo. Not looking at the minimal restrictions of conducting fight, a trauma were absent, that speaks about excellent refereeing.


Unfortunately, now at us in the country it is not cultivated army, dinamo`s versions of hand-to-hand fight with which I am well familiar. In my opinion, your version is distinguished with high realness, efficiency and dynamics of a duel. From the beginning of the next year we shall enter FCF into system of preparation of workers of law enforcement bodies of Azerbaijan. It is confident, that it will promote development of the qualities necessary for them for daily work. I wish your organization of prosperity not only in the CIS, but also all over the world.


And, that one more visitor of the championship, the secretary general of Olympic committee of Abkhazia – Adamur Djokua thinks of our competitions:


“The championship has passed at a high organizational level. I want to note a high level of preparation of sportsmen of Dagestan, discipline of a command of Azerbaijan, and as fair refereeing. I wish you to expand geography of your activity”.

Winners of the championship of steel:

Temirlan Abdusalamov – Russia,
Muslim Uchakaev – Russia,
Shamil Zavurov — Russia,
Artur Porsukov — Russia,
Sultan Aliev — Russia,
Marat Kamutaev — Russia.

The first command place command Russia – has borrowed Dagestan, the Ministry of Internal Affairs,
second Russia — Dagestan, Club “Argo”
and third Russia, Krasnodar region.

It is awarded with the honourable diploma
The best trainer of Federation – Magomedov Abdula.

On November, 29 in Kislovodsk has passed session of presidium of Federation. In session participated: the president of Federation – Alexander N. Matveev, the first vice-president Sergey B. Ermakov, responsible secretary IF FCF of Alexander V. Amelchenko, chairman of judiciary board IF FCF Vasily S. Borisov, vice-president across Transcaucasia Rasul K. Mamedov, chairman of a judiciary board of Azerbaijan of Azizov Aziz, a member of presidium, the head of the Kazakh national branch Nikolay D. Shedin, chairman of a judiciary board of Kazakhstan Dodanov Berik.


At session results of carrying out of the championship of the CIS and work for 2004 have been considered, planned schedules of Federation and branches for 2005 are authorized.


The structure of judiciary board IF FCF is authorized. In it have come: chairman of board Vasily Borisov (the international category), members of board, Berik Dodanov, Aziz Azizov, Maize Gadzhimuradov (a republican category).


The new order of encouragement of judges is entered, the status of the commands participating in the international actions of Federation is raisedSince new year in Russia the national championships and superiority will be carried out. Winners and prize-winners of these competitions will represent the country at the international competitions. The first structure of winners of superiority of Russia, will be equipped, and to go on the international competitions for account IF FCF.

Privileges for trainers and the commands which have won in national competitions are entered. The senior trainer, combined team the trainer of the command which have borrowed the first command place on superiority of Russia will be appointed.


From the beginning of 2005 at national and international competitions of Federation to participation in command superiority commands of official branches IF FCF will be supposed only. Sportsmen of the countries which are not having national branches of Federation, will participate in the international competitions in personal offset. The similar order is entered at all competitions for the regional and city organizations and clubs.

The presidium has recognized results of last 2004 successful.

The following competitions, superiority of Russia among young men of 8-15 years will take place on 28-30 January, 2005 in Kislovodsk. In the same place on 25-27 February, 2005 will pass superiority of the CIS for this age group.
The first vice-president IF FCF
S. B. Ermakov