the championship of Russia (Kislovodsk, Stavropol region, Russia, 28–30 January 2005).

The Federation of full-contact fighting of Russian’s South spent personal youthful championship of Russia in full-contact fighting’s field. 87 sportsmen (8–15 years old) take part in the championship.

The championship was realized without injuries, without protests and without breaches of order.

Winners of the championship:

A. Fedorchenko—Krasnodar region,
A. Khajmuzaev—Chechen republic,
Sh. Shamsudino—Dagestan,
V. Airapetov—Stavropol region,
R. Ismailov—Dagestan,
A. Strelyaev—Stavropol region,
S. Ivanitskiy—Krasnodar region,
I. Mollakaev—Dagestan,
Z. Katsaev—Chechen republic,
B. Shakhabov—Chechen republic,
M. Idrisov—Dagestan,
A. Abramov—RSO “Alania”,
T. Ailyarov—RSO “Alania”,
K. Paraskevitch—Stavropol region.

National youthful combined team was organized for take part in championship of CIS at 25–27 february 2005.

Leader of Russian national branch of IF FCF
Praeses FPRB UR
Sergey B. Ermakov