a Championship of the Commonwealth of Independent States among youngsters. Kislovodsk, Russia, February 25–27, 2005

The Full Contact Fighting Championship of the Commonwealth of Independent States was held in February 25-27, 2005 in the city of Kislovodsk, Russia. The competitions were organized by the International Federation of Full Contact Fighting IF FCF. The competitions were timed to “Defender’s day”. Teams from Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Abkhazia took part in the competitions. We are glad to point out a steady progress of the quality of the events of the Federation and sportsmanship of the athletes. The level of youngsters’ tournaments has increased considerably if it is compared with the previous two years. Among the participants there appeared a lot of rankers and candidates for masters of sports. It can be explained by a planned holding of republican and regional tournaments in Russia and the countries of CIS. Club athletes do not take part in international full contact fighting competitions any longer as it used to be some years ago, nowadays only national teams participate in them. The sportsmanship of the penal of referees of the Federation has improved as well. At the last championship of CIS among youngsters A. Azizov was conferred the title- referee of international category. This is the fourth referee of the international category in the penal of referees IF FCF. The first series of the events of the Federation- the competitions among youngsters- passed successfully.

The Championship of CIS was won by the Russia athletes:

  • Alexander Fedorchenko ,
  • Amirkhan Khazhmurzaev,
  • Shamsudin Shamsudinov,
  • Valiriy Airapetov,
  • Demis Kalaichev,
  • Sergey Ivanitskiy,
  • Izamutdin Mollakaev,
  • Zelimkhan Katsaev,
  • Akhmed Ibragimov,
  • Anton Abramov.

    Regional and national tournaments begin in March; their main aim is to train the athletes for the championship of the Commonwealth of Independent States among juniors that takes place late in May in Azerbaijan. The championship of Russia among juniors takes place late in March in Vladikavkaz. I would like to remind my colleagues that 10 athletes from Azerbaijan were not able to take part in the championship as a new passport-visa system being established. Since the beginning of this year all athletes regardless their age are to have a passport for travelling abroad to cross the borders of the countries of CIS. For more information of the work of the Federation, refer to our website www.interfight.ru


    Chief referee of the competitions
    S. Ermakov