CIS Championship among juniors on Full Contact Fighting 2003

On February, 21-22 2003 in a Kislovodsk has taken place superiority of the CIS on full-contact fighting among juniors (16-18 years). Competitions are organized inter-regional «Federation of full-contact fighting of the South of Russia, Kislovodsk.

The greeting to participants of competitions was sent by plenipotentiary of the president of Russia in Southern federal district – Victor Germanovich Kazantsev.

Teams have participated in superiority Azerbaijan, Abkhazia, Russia. Competitions have taken place at a high organizational level, without traumas, without protests, without infringements of the rules.

Within the limits of competitions it is lead 2 days a judicial seminar in which 14 judges have participated. On results of a seminar international by ” Association of professional kinds of single combats » are appropriated{given}: 5 of the first, 8 republican and one international judicial categories. The judiciary board of the international competitions of 2003 in a Kislovodsk is generated.

For good preparation of sportsmen, high discipline and the help in carrying out of superiority the management of federation expresses gratitude to representatives of teams: Azerbaijan (Nadzhafalievu Z.B.), Abkhazia (Aleksanjan V.B.), Astrakhan (Shmelyovu A.N.), Volgograd (Studenikinu G.A.), Zelenokumsk (Laryovu V.V.), Dagestan (Sultanakhmedov)
Winners of superiority of the CIS of 2003 among juniors (16-18 years) with assignment of a rank « the Candidate for the master of sports » stood:

up to 60 kg – Teknejan Arutyun – Abkhazia,
up to 65 kg – Najafaliev Ruslan – Azerbaijan,
up to 70 kg – Zuev Gennady – Russia,
up to 75 kg – Temirsultanov Gamzat – Russia,
up to 80 kg – Sultanakhmedov Magomed – Russia,
more then 85 kg – Mirzojan Arthur – Russia.

Winners in section « Solo compositions » steel:

among men – Bardikov Alexander – Russia,
among girls – Markitanova Alain – Russia.

1 command place was occupied by team of Russia,
2 place – team of Azerbaijan,
3 place – team of Abkhazia.


Photos of the CIS Championship on Full Contact Fighting 2003 can be viewed at the link: https://interfight.ru/ru/photo/?album=3&gallery=168